We’ve Merged!!

April 18, 2011

The City Slingers and Lake County Babywearers have merged to create a broader chapter of Babywearing International.

Please visit our new site Babywearing International of Chicagoland.


Help us celebrate babywearing awareness week. Put on your favorite sling, pack
a picnic, and bring the whole family to help spread the babywearing love. We’re
meeting at 12 noon on Sunday September 27th on the South Lawn at Lincoln Park
Zoo (just South of Park Place Café). We will be selling very affordable used
slings, including pouches, ring slings, buckle carriers, and wraps starting at
$5!! to raise money for our sling library. We are also giving away a brand new
Cat Bird Baby Mei Tai as a door prize.

*If the lawn is full we’ll meet on the lawn just outside the south entrance,
across from Café Bauer. If it’s raining the event is canceled.

If you have any questions email me at ahollowed@hotmail.com.

We are a group for help, support, and information about baby carriers of all kinds. If you want help figuring out which sling to purchase, how to use the one you already have, or simply want to learn more about the practical and nurturing art, please join us at one of our meetings.