Chicago City Slingers has a library of baby carriers for members to borrow. You must be a member to borrow the carriers. Membership costs $30 a year. If you are not a member you may try the carrier at the meeting but may not take them home. Members may borrow one carrier per month.


Didymos-Pfau violet/white (size 7)
Didymos- Pfau violet/white (size 7)

Didymos- Standard white/blue (size 6)
Didymos- Standard white/blue (size 6)

Didymos- Ellispen laguna (white/ green) (size 5)
Didymos- Ellispen Laguna (Size 4)

Didymos- Indio papaya (orange) (size 4)
Didymos-Indio papaya (size 5)

Hoppediz- Lightly woven delhi (red/orange stripes) (4.6 m)
Hoppediz- Lightly Woven Delhi (4.6 m)

Nesthakchen- Orange/ red (4.5 m)
Nesthakchen-Orange/red (4.5 m)

Moby- Natural
Moby- Natural

Moby- Ivory
Moby- Ivory

Storchenwiege- Inka (stripes) (5 m)
Storchenwiege- Inka (5m)

Vatanai- Kipawa (blue stripes) (3.9 m)
Vatanai- Kipawa (3.9 m)

Teal Fleece Wrap:
Blue Fleece Wrap


Hotslings- Brown fleece (size 7), Red fleece (size 6), Aqua fleece (size 5), Aqua fleece (size 5), Blue paisley stretch (size 4), Aqua fleece (size 3), Blue paisley stretch (size 2), Blue paisley stretch (size 1):

Comfy Joey- Oceans deep (teal/pruple) (size M), Plush meadows (lilac/brown) (size M), Plush blossoms (purple/ lavender) (size L):
Comfy Joey

Rockin’ Baby Sling- Brown/orange (size s/m), Pretty Baby (size s/m), Red Tan (size s/m)
Rockin' Baby Sling-Black and pink paisley (size s/m), Pretty Pink (size s/m), Red Tan (size s/m)

Karma Baby- Black/pink paisley (size xs)
Karma Baby- Black/ pink paisley (size xs)

Peanut Shell Micro Fleece

Kangaroo Korner All Cotton Pouch

Ring Slings:

Zolowear Cotton

Taylormade- Lavender silk with batik pocket
TaylorMade Sling- Lavender silk/batik procket

Taylormade Cotton Mesh

Rockin’ Baby Sling- Blue/green
Rockin' Baby Sling- Blue/green

Rockin’ Baby Sling- Brown
Rockin' Baby Sling- Brown

Rockin’ Baby Sling- Lovestruck (raspberry paisley/ purple)
Rockin' Baby Sling- Lovestruck

Kiddie Cradles- Hawaiian print
Kiddie Cradles- Hawaiian Print

Kiddie Cradles- Newspaper print
Kiddie Cradles - Newspaper print

Mei Tais:


Equanimity Baby


Baby Hawk
Maya Wrap- May Tie no. 67 (undyed) (size L)
Maya Wrap- Maya Tie no. 67 (Size L)

Silly Goose- Adjustable tie dye
Silly Goose- Adjustable tie dye

Soft Structured Carriers:

Ergo Baby Carrier Organic

Ergo Baby Carrier


Tentoes- Click stripes/brown
Tentoes- Click stripes/ brown straps

Tentoes- Click black/grey
Tentoes- Click (black/ gray straps)

Hoppediz- Bondolino black/tan

Beco- Butterfly Ethan (yellow/ espresso)
Beco- Butterfly Ethan

MBD- Calyx brown/ orange
MBD- Calyx brown

Traditional Carriers:


Freehand Onbuhimo



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